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Market-Ready Conversational Solutions

The Relayer Conversational Tech team has successfully ideated, implemented, distributed and grown prosperous consumer and business-facing value propositions that unlock the power of conversational workflows. Backed by our experience working with conversational interfaces in several business contexts and industries, our stack of Conversational Technologies are now available to businesses looking to enhance their relationships with end customers or partners.

Spotlight: Relayer Conversational Technologies in Action

GoneSMS is an example of our conversational technologies blending to create a seamless end-to-end consumer, with item recognition, automatic pricing, SMS/Conversational, and Item Assurance.

The GoneSMS bot asks the right questions, identifies SKUs, guides the customer through a sales process, and provides pre-sales support.

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Conversational Commerce on Enterprise Applications

Relayer Conversational Technologies go beyond chit chat, and into the enterprise to solve problems where complex queries and access to extensive data structures are needed. Our exclusive software is able to engage in a conversation with a client, partner, provider or enabler, and turn unstructured technical or business questions into structured queries.

Our enterprise chatbots can navigate a complex array of possible answers by asking accurate, context-specific questions.

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