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Consumer On-Demand: Relayer ODT

We have an extensive track record in deploying market-proven on-demand technologies. Relayer ODT opens the same possibilities to startups and corporates, significantly lowering their time-to-market and implementation costs.

Consumer-facing On-demand Mobile Services

Consumer-facing On-demand Mobile Services, with deep involvement of distributed workforces, are at our core DNA.

As a team, we have successfully designed, launched, grown and monetized some of the most innovative ideas leveraging the power of distributed workers. As a company, we have opened our set of successful, proven, and market-ready on-demand technologies to solve business challenges.

Enterprise On-Demand: Relayer Corporate ODT

As Product doers and Strategists for large companies like Ebay, Deloitte, or Google, we always wanted to see more On-Demand on enterprises. We can name dozens of costly, high overhead, and regulation-intensive business problems that could be effectively solved by leveraging the capabilities of on-demand mobile workforces.

Relayer not only offers the Market-Ready Corporate ODT Module, but also the workforces themselves. For scenarios like Last-Mile Delivery, Reverse Logistics, In-Person Support, Asset Recovery or Physical Inspection, we provide a comprehensive set of practices and technologies that have been effectively tested in the market.

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